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What are your turnaround times?

We recommend allowing 1-2 days for scheduling. Once your shoot takes place, your media is edited and delivered in 1 business day. Shoots on Saturday will be delivered on Monday.

How long does it take to complete a shoot (at the property)? Do I have to be present?

Each type of package differs slightly in length of completion time, but none are over 2 hours long. Every package falls in a 1 to 2 hour range.

You do not need to be present at your shoot. You can provide other ways for your photographer to enter the property such as a lockbox.

*Please note: Our photographers don't maintain any memberships or subscriptions to any electronic lockbox services so they are unable to access a property via Supra box.

How do I reschedule or cancel?

You may reschedule or cancel by emailing your request to

Without any fees, you may cancel up to two hours prior to your scheduled time. After 2 hours, a $50 fee will be charged.

Weather can be unpredictable sometimes, but we ask for you to be aware of any pending storms/cloudy days. If there is a chance your appointment will be affected by weather we advise to reschedule. A $50 fee will still apply in cases of inclement weather.

Can I customize a package?

The packages listed on our homepage are the most popular packages we offer. But, if you do not see exactly what you are looking for you can email your needs to We’d be happy to recommend a package or advise the cost of a custom shoot

How do I update / upgrade an order or change an order address?

Any upgrades or address changes should be emailed to

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